Store Policy & Disclaimer

Customer Care

Alchemy X Artifice is fully owned and operated by two individuals - The Alchemist and The Artificer. AKA Rachel and Toby. We don't have any robots answering messages or anything like that. When you send us an email (  or a message through our chatbox (located at the bottom right corner of every page), you'll be contacting us directly and speaking with a real human every time. We try to respond within 48 hours, but wait time varies and may be longer around major holidays. We love custom orders! If you have an idea, or if you'd like a variation on a listed product, or if you're just interested in what kinds of custom orders we usually do, message us today! 

If you need to change an order, or anything is wrong with your order, please contact us and we will make it right. 


All of our products are handmade art made by two independent artists. We do not represent, nor are we licensed by, any other corporation or entity.


Our wands are fan-made and inspired by the Harry Potter series, but we are in no way affiliated with or connected to The Wizarding World or JK Rowling. 

Our VHS lamps are fan-made and inspired by our love of old movies, but we are in no way affiliated with any production company or studio. 

Long story short, you'll find a lot of pop culture in our products, but they are made by fans for fans and nothing more.

Wholesale Inquiries

Please send us an email at or a message in the chatbox below and let us know what you're interested in carrying. Some of our products can be produced in bulk, but many need to be crafted one at a time. Depending on the size of the order and your timeline, we may be able to get additional molds and materials to expedite the process. 

You can find Alchemy X Artifice on shelves at these amazing retailers: 

The Lamp at Messiah Lutheran Church

Geektopia (coming soon!)


Payment Methods

While ordering through our website, you have the option to use credit/debit or PayPal. However, if you prefer one of these other payment methods, please email us at or send us a chat through the chatbox and we can fulfill your order that way. 

•Venmo - @RachelMeeks-Alchemist

•Zelle -

•Cash App - $AlchemyXArtifice